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Depression, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, mental fog, and more? 

Our experienced practitioners offer a variety of services to help individuals achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance. We strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for you to explore your healing journey.

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We prioritize long-lasting health and balance through detox, treatments, and support.


Environmental toxins like lead, mercury, and pesticides can foster microorganisms, neurotoxins, and parasites, weakening the immune system. 

Poor Diet

A diet high in processed foods, sugar, and unhealthy fats can lead to severe malnourishment, contributing to toxin buildup, destroying intestinal flora, and impairing detox capabilities.

Physical Trauma

Physical injuries can disrupt energy flow through the nervous system, potentially leading to chronic stress, weakening the immune system, and increasing susceptibility to illness.

Illness may result from


Our inpatient intensive detoxing programs go beyond quick fixes, committing to your whole-being detox from a lifetime of toxic exposure and rebuilding cells from the foundation up.

We address toxic blockages at all levels, emphasizing consistency and a combination of medical attention, therapy, and nutritional support. La Luz focuses on progress, empowering you to make a journey from "A to Z" with lasting results.

We understand the challenges of chronic health conditions, and we provide a holistic approach to address root causes for the mind,
your body, and spirit.

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Once we eliminate all the toxicity in your body, our focus shifts to rebuilding the immune system—a crucial step in unlocking your potential for healing and better health.

For over 30 years, Dr. Marston, our founder, has tackled disease root causes. Our medical professionals detoxify your digestive, cellular, and mental toxicity. Recognizing shared blockages on various levels—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual—we address unresolved issues, tooth infections, or scar tissue. Your health goals are our priority, and together, we can help you achieve them.

Many patients experience exponential progress, overcoming seemingly impossible health issues. 


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